Here is the list of fully managed addons available on Stakater App Agility Platform

Managed AddOnDescription
LoggingElasticSearch, Fluentd, Kibana
MonitoringPrometheus, Grafana
CI (continuous integration)Tekton
CD (continuous delivery)ArgoCD
Internal alertingAlertmanager
Service meshIstio, Kiali, Jaeger (only one fully managed control plane)
Image scanningTrivy
Backups & RecoveryVelero
SSO (for managed addons)Keycloak
Secrets managementVault
Artifacts managementNexus
Code inspectionSonarQube
Policy enforcementKyverno
Log alertingStakater Konfiguratoropen in new window
External (downtime) alertingStakater IMCopen in new window, UptimeRobot (free tier)
Automatic application reloadStakater Reloaderopen in new window
Developer dashboard - Launchpad to discover applicationsStakater Forecastleopen in new window
Multi-tenancyStakater Multi Tenant Operatoropen in new window
Environments-as-a-ServiceStakater Tronadoropen in new window
Clone secrets, configmaps, etc.Stakater Replicator
GitOps Application ManagerStakater Fabrikate
Management and issuance of TLS certificatescert-manageropen in new window
Intrusion detectionFalco (coming soon)
Automated base image managementRenovate (coming soon)
Advanced cluster securityStackRox (coming soon)