An azure subscription is needed to create and manage cluster on azure. The following criteria must be met

  • An azure subscription.

  • A Stakater user (ask Stakater team for the email to use for this user) with privileges to create an application in Azure AD (Recommended). Create a Service Principalopen in new window to be used by SAAP installer if you do not want to give permissions to Azure AD.

  • Resource limits must be applied on the subscription and the following resources must be allowed to be created.

    Virtual MachinesVaries. The limit should be 12 initially. (Initial deployment is 3 master + 3 infra + 3 worker)
    Regional vCPUsThe limit should be A x B x 2 , where A = no. of VMS (worker + infra + master), B = vCPUs per VM)
    Public IP addresses5
    Private IP Addresses7
    Network Interfaces6
    Network Load Balancers3
    Virtual Networks1
    StandardStorageSnapshots10000 (depends on how many disks are used) and backup duration
    Machine Specifications6 machines of 8x32x120G
    RegionRegion will be identified by the customer