A GCP account is needed to create and manage cluster on GCP. The following criteria must be met

  • An account on GCP.

  • A Stakater user (ask Stakater team for the email to use for this user) with admin privileges on a separate project (Recommended). See the required permissionsopen in new window for GCP if you do not want to grant admin privilege.

  • Resource limits must be applied on the account and the following resources must be allowed to be created.

    Virtual MachinesVaries. The limit should be 12 initially. (Initial deployment is 3 master + 3 infra + 3 worker)
    Regional vCPUsThe limit should be A x B x 2 , where A = no. of VMS (worker + infra + master), B = vCPUs per VM)
    In-use global IP addresses4
    Service accounts5
    Firewall Rules11
    Forwarding Rules2
    Firewall Rules11
    Persistent Disk SSD (GB)896
    Target Pools3
    Machine Specifications9 machines of 8x32x120G
    RegionRegion will be identified by the customer