Granting Admin privilege to user for nexus on Keycloak

  • Go to routes in stakater-auth namespace , open keycloak route , following screen will show up

    Administration Console

  • Select Administration Console. Login credentials are present in secret rhsso-creds (previously called auth-secrets) in stakater-auth namespace

    Login Admin Console

  • Click on Users from left panel and click on view all users button. Select the user you want to assign admin role to.


  • On Role Mappings screen , select nexus3 in client roles drop down.

    Role Mappings

  • On user screen select Role Mappings tab , nexus-oauth-admin role will be present in left most column , select it and click on Add selected

    nexus OAuth admin Role

  • Role is assigned to user

    add selected role\

  • Now login to nexus repository you will have admin access

    Nexus Repository